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Mumbai wallah!

 We all are some or the other wallah's in Mumbai, there are some people who are the real wallah's of Mumbai.


    Dabbawallah also know as 'tiffin wallah'.The deliver the hot lunch boxes from houses or restaurant to work places. The are common in Mumbai. The carry tiffin to people to people by travelling in train or using a bicycle. They also carry the empty tiffins in the afternoon to their respective places.


   Chaiwallah's known as the teaseller. They are the people who works 24/7 for us. They wake up in the morning 3am and serve for us till 12am. Some people sell their chai's using cycle or by owing a stall or by carrying the can roadside.

3. Golawallah

    Golawallah is one of the famous n favourite for children. He sells ice (crushed) with some added flavors of our own choice. He is specially seen during summer season. He owns his own stall.

4. Istriwallah

    Istriwallah the ironing man. He who irons our dresses. His service makes our day Feel fresh. He is also known as laundry man. He owns his laundry and ironing stuffs for us.

5. Balloonwallah

    Balloonwallah he is most favourite for all children. As he sells balloons of different types. He also sells other toys for children. He is mainly seen in Mela's, beaches, function etc. 

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Let's know about it!

Let's know about it!

2. All about GST

     Goods and Service Tax is known as GST. The historic GST  has become a reality. The new tax system was launched at a function in Central Hall of Parliament on Friday midnight. GST, which embodies the principle of "one nation, one tax, one market" is aimed at unifying the country's 1.3 billion people in a common market. Under GST, goods and services fall under five tax categories: 0 per cent, 5 per cent, 12 per cent, 18 per cent and 28 per cent. For corporates, the elimination of multiple taxes will improve the ease of doing business. And for consumers, the biggest advantage would be in terms of a reduction in the overall tax burden on goods. "Inflation will come down, tax avoidance will be difficult, India's GDP will be benefitted and extra resources will be used for welfare of poor and weaker section," Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said at GST launch event in Parliament. It is actually a GOOD AND SIMPLE TAX!


The Brown Girl Talks!

The Brown Girl Talks!

    In this world, since birth every girl child is protected from getting sexually abused. Is it that every girl child is said to take care of themselves, as no one ever said their boy child to take care of their mother, sister, daughter or a friend or to change their view towards women. No one is ever cared about what happens to a women, until and unless she is popular or a celebrity. If a common girl is abused then, who is she for us to care about? If such thing ever happen with your mother, sister, daughter or a (special) friend. If the case is cared and published everywhere then it is also for their own sake of getting TRP ratings.

    Since birth, mom always said to avoid wearing skirts, wear long jeans and long tops. Cover your cleavage. Don't show that you are attracting the opposite sex. Don't seek attention.why such things are said often to females rather to males. Why not change our thoughts rather put action?

Diwali then vs now

So here is the most favourite festival for all of us. Just as special as our birthday. Cause we get new dresses to wear, various sweets to taste, firecrackers to brun and have fun with our near and dear ones. This has been a very joyful thing .
   This is the only festival every individual celebrates, no caste discrimination, no religion discrimination -every one is free to exprrss their love for Diwali .
     Diwali then used to be celebrated with lots of greetings and gifts from all our relatives, friends and Our near and dear ones. We used to wear our new clothes and run to show Our dress to our friends. And soon we share our sweets and special dishes for Diwali. So much of love and care in one festival . Then on the evening we Used to help our mothers making in rangoli and burn our firecrackers . The whole night used to be a color full night.
      Diwali now is celebrated with greeting send through whatsapp and facebook. We wear our new clothes and click some pictures of us…