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India at it's 70!

   It's been 70 years since we got our freedom, but are we completely observing our freedom?

   Still there are people who are deprived of their freedom. There are people who can't find their freedom. And there are people who don't know what is freedom.

    India has developed far better in these last 70 years. But there are places or people who are completely not able to observe what real freedom is. There are places where still equality is missing. There are places where girl child is killed. There are places where child marriages are carried. There are places where women's are molested. There are places where small child is raped for no reason.

   Don't you think, such things give us the pride to celebrate Independence Day. The cause is to change and develop our nation rather abusing it.

    Independence could be only observed when such things don't happen and we all live together one, no matter what happens.

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Recently, we have been hearing few rape cases. In the worst case scenario ,was hearing that a 4 year girl was raped and murdered for no reason. Now their is this news that a 27 year old men raped a new born baby girl who was just 8 months old brutally raped till she bleeded. So is this a cruse for the baby girl and her family? This is what she deserved? and where did all the mankind humanity fade off?
   What makes them do these kind of activities and what do they get, I really couldn't understand. Why don't you see and protect other women like your mother or your sister . Do you behave this way with your mother or sister?  Is this what you are taught to do ?
   Is there any kind of humanity left in this world? This news really made me sad for what is happening around us. This kind of questions literally makes me feel very disgusting. Days after days this cases are getting worst and we couldn't do anything to protect each other.
    Rape has been a word used on daily b…

Passion vs Career!!

Passion vs Career

Passion is what your heart wants you to do! And your career is what you do for money. Money is everything But you can't buy your happiness from money. One should follow one's passion rather running behind money. If you go behind your passion you will earn what you deserve. 
  One can achieve anything where his heart is! If your heart is behind you passion, then go for you passion and achieve yourself there. One can be creative and make good ideas!  It may take some time to set your platform in, But don't  loose you hope. Believe in what you are and win yourself.  
 Careers are money making jobs, but if your heart is not into your work you'r not getting into it. It may be boring for you, your are always irritated and frustrated over it. 
  It is a beautiful thing when your passion becomes your career.    So guys think wisely and choose between your career and your passion!

The Best Friend !

It's been 9 years, I first met her in my new school. In a crowd full of unknown faces. It was 14th of August 2010, we had our Independence day celebration. I was standing in the corridor, she came to me and asked me what I brought in my tiffin for the day cause we had to bring something traditional food for the celebration. I told her I brought something which I love and which I made by my mom named 'PUTTU'. It maybe be sounding wried to hear a dish named puttu but trust  me it exist. She asked me are you from Chennai . I have been to Chennai, I have lived there for 10 years and she also told puttu is one of her favorite dish too. That was our first ever conversation. And after that day we shared our stories and memories together. And spent our school days together.

       Since that day, no body replaced her nor any body could replace. She is a soul taught me who I am and who I am not . I can't explain who she is to me, she is so important to me. If someone ever ask…