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Things we Tamilians are tired of hearing!

Being a Tamilian it is hard to make people understand the difference between a South Indian and Tamilian. Let me explain you there are total 5 states in south India so accordingly each state has their own language, they are Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kanada.  Here are some common problems that we Tamilians are tired of!

1.     “You’re so fair! How are you even Tamilian?” (this is too awkward *)

2.     “Dude, why are your film actors so ugly?”  (maybe because we like actors who can act *)

3.     Why is your language like vango, pongo, and mango?  (do yourself a favor and stop talking right now*)

4.     “Let’s go get some dosa and sambar!”(actually that sounds delicious*)

5.     You guys might be eating iddlis and dosa daily, wow! (no we don’t *)

6.     “ Hey I know about you Tamil people , I read them in 2 states” (no words , only tears*)

7.     “I pronounced your name right this time, didn’t I?”  (You took more than 50 tries but yay!*)

8.     “Bet you were class topper. Tamil people are nerd” (who even told you this?*)

9.     “ Teach me some Tamil words to impress other Tamilians”
“Sure, tell her,’hi, inikki nee paakarthkku apdiye korangu maari irruka”.
(That sounds cool*)

10.           Why is it so complicate to understand your language and pronounce them?”
(It’s not your cup of tea, you give up dude!*) 


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The Brown Girl Talks!

The Brown Girl Talks!

    In this world, since birth every girl child is protected from getting sexually abused. Is it that every girl child is said to take care of themselves, as no one ever said their boy child to take care of their mother, sister, daughter or a friend or to change their view towards women. No one is ever cared about what happens to a women, until and unless she is popular or a celebrity. If a common girl is abused then, who is she for us to care about? If such thing ever happen with your mother, sister, daughter or a (special) friend. If the case is cared and published everywhere then it is also for their own sake of getting TRP ratings.

    Since birth, mom always said to avoid wearing skirts, wear long jeans and long tops. Cover your cleavage. Don't show that you are attracting the opposite sex. Don't seek attention.why such things are said often to females rather to males. Why not change our thoughts rather put action?


Recently, we have been hearing few rape cases. In the worst case scenario ,was hearing that a 4 year girl was raped and murdered for no reason. Now their is this news that a 27 year old men raped a new born baby girl who was just 8 months old brutally raped till she bleeded. So is this a cruse for the baby girl and her family? This is what she deserved? and where did all the mankind humanity fade off?
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So here is the most favourite festival for all of us. Just as special as our birthday. Cause we get new dresses to wear, various sweets to taste, firecrackers to brun and have fun with our near and dear ones. This has been a very joyful thing .
   This is the only festival every individual celebrates, no caste discrimination, no religion discrimination -every one is free to exprrss their love for Diwali .
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